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Solar in simple terms

Solar powered technology is able to convert UV rays from the Sun into heat as well as electrical current that can be stored or used on demand.

The main benefit of solar powered energy is that it is infinite, and there is very little impact to the environment during its use, it is a fast evolving technology in these times due to the human races challenge to slow the rate of our carbon imprint on the planet.

Solar can be converted into electrical current via use of photovoltaic panels or new thin film technology both of which dispel positively charged electrons to create a current for electricity and storage.

Solar can also be converted into heat via use of parabolic reflector mirrors, these can be used to heat hydrogen engines or water that can in turn run power turbines, when the steam from the heated water is expelled.

However water is another finite resource on our planet that should be conserved.

Please help save our planet and read our "Top 10 green tips".

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