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Top 10 green tips

Below are a list of top ten green tips that anyone can follow. Even if you don't drive, there's always ways to help ensure the future of the planet remains bright and optimistic. Even companies are taking it up globally. The list below can apply to you, even if you only work at a company or not at all. Practise these tips and help our planet survive.

  1. Plant as many trees as you possibly can, trees convert carbon dioxide to oxygen, thus possessing the power to reduce the human races carbon footfrint on our planet.
  2. Try installing a intelligent geyser switch or solar geyser through a reputable fitter as soon as you can, or turn your geyser down to 55 degrees and install a geyser blanket.
  3. Drive your car with intention to increase fuel efficiency daily as this helps save the environment through lower finite fossil fuel usage.
  4. Check that there are no water leaks on your house or business premises as this is another of the planets resources that needs to be conserved and left uncontaminated.
  5. When drying your washing sun drying is the most environmentally friendly method.
  6. Switch off all unnecessary high wattage lights and appliances, this will soon become habit, LED lighting is the future due to its low energy consumption and longer life cycle, these items are an investment in a premises and the planets future.
  7. Only make use of rechargeable batteries wherever possible, once off use batteries destroy the environment at a much faster rate, and cost you more money in the long run versus rechargeable batteries.
  8. Recycle as much as possible, dispose of all batteries in the Uniross recycle bin at your nearest Pick and Pay to avoid Cadmium and Mercury from entering ground water.
  9. Dispose of all compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) at the recycle bin at your nearest Woolworths or Pick n Pay, 1 milligram of Mercury (Hg) can contaminate 5300 litres of water!
  10. Learn more about the above and send this content to whomever you can, knowledge is power, save the planet.
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