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GP NIMH Rechargeable batteries
Stock: Yes R 172.00
On Special
4 x AA 1.2V 2700 mAh batteries
Enviro-Rating: 8 of 10

GP 9V Rechargeable Battery
Stock: Yes R 90.00
On Special
200mah 9V NIMH Rechargeable
Enviro-Rating: 8 of 10

GP23A Electronic Battery
Stock: Yes R 39.00
On Special
 5 X A23 12V GP Batteries
(Please recycle used batteries at the Uniross bin at your nearest Pick n Pay)
(Buy rechargeable...
Enviro-Rating: 4 of 10

GP M550 Speed Charger
Stock: Yes R 495.00
On Special
Includes :
4 X AA 2700 mah NIMH rechargeables
S350 Speed Charger 
Auto Cut Off Safety Control
12V (auto) and 220V charging

Enviro-Rating: 8 of 10

GP D Size (9000 mAh)
Stock: Yes R 368.00
2 per card
Enviro-Rating: 8 of 10

GP D Size (7000 mAh)
Stock: Yes R 320.00
2 per card
Enviro-Rating: 8 of 10

GP Charger S350 bank
Stock: Yes R 189.00
Includes :
4 X AA 2500 mah NIMH rechargeables
2 X AAA 700 mah NIMH rechargeables
S350 Charger
Enviro-Rating: 8 of 10

GP D Size (2200 mAh)
Stock: Yes R 179.00
2 per card
Enviro-Rating: 8 of 10

GP C Size (2200 mAh)
Stock: Yes R 204.00
GP NIMH Rechargeable
Enviro-Rating: 8 of 10

GP NIMH Rechargeable Batteries
Stock: Yes R 129.00
4 x AAA 1.2V 1000 mAh Batteries
Enviro-Rating: 8 of 10

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